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Whether a business has received private equity funding or is still held by the promoter group, there is enough research to back the fact that many emerging businesses fail to realise their potential because of their inability to create the right culture and an environment that enables their people to succeed. We refer to this as laying the foundation for high performance.
While this is widely known to business owners and entrepreneurs, many of them are unsure how to systematically go about defining and nurturing a culture of high performance.

Though there is a critical need for this expertise, it is rarely available to them owing to unviable cost structures of engaging with professional service providers, inability to attract mind space of senior HR consultants or multinational consulting firms and preference of service providers to engage with large diversified businesses.

Also there are significant operating challenges with regard to perceived complexity within emerging businesses, which, owing to their size and scale are unable to attract, employ and retain strategic and operationally astute full time human resources professionals who can visualize the organization’s growth path and provide the necessary decision support to the business owner or CEO.


We at HR Bridge have worked specifically with these issues in mind to democratise HR and create a best fit engagement model, tools and services that bridge the critical skill gap during the growth phase and enables emerging businesses receive the requisite attention on strategic HR aspects delivered by an team of experienced HR professionals.

At HR Bridge, we are passionate about being an incubator of HR processes and services for early stage companies and emerging businesses, and building the Bridge from concept to flawless execution.


  Dedicated Engagement Managers

  Experienced Engagement Advisors

  Customized Tools

  Success Based Fees

Dedicated Engagement Managers

Each engagement at HR Bridge is the direct responsibility of an Engagement Manager .The Engagement Manager will be responsible for owning all the key HR processes of the client that contribute to creating a culture of high performance . The Engagement manager would be the single point of contact for the entrepreneur/business owner and will provide the client with the best possible solutions. S/he would endeavor to keep lines of communication with the client open, direct and efficient and ensure the engagement proceed as rapidly and smoothly as possible.

Experienced Engagement Advisors

The engagement manager draws upon the expertise and experience of vastly experienced consultants whose expertise is otherwise not available to the client. The Advisors work with the engagement manager on all aspects (functional, business, leadership styles and process related) on which their advice is sought and is available for handling escalations. The Engagement Advisor engages with the client in forecasting and sensitizing him on future direction, trends and impact.

Customized tools

Customized tools best suited to the context of an emerging organization help the clients drive superior performance, articulate the desired culture, define their core values and representative behaviors, create an organization structure required to drive growth, identify performance indicators that are appropriate to their life stage and context, measure track and impact employee engagement, identify skill sets required to drive growth, and plan succession for critical roles.

Success Based Fee

To mark our belief that strategic HR support is critical for emerging businesses to succeed, and to make the engagement economics affordable to our clients, our professional fees have two components. A fixed fee spread over the duration of the engagement paid on a monthly basis and a variable fee linked to specific outcomes. We share the risk of the development of robust HR processes with the client, and are therefore committed to ensure your success.